Our Vision

Look stylish without the frustration of figuring out what to wear. Our customers care about how they look so they spend precious time figuring out what to wear. Wouldn’t it be nice to get up and have an outfit ready to go?

Artificial Intelligence, (A.I.)

What we do

We crawl the web for fashion photography and by using Artificial Intelligence we learn what looks good together. By understanding the latest fashion trends, our customer’s style, preferences and unique needs we produce instant and free recommendations from their wardrobe and retail partners to complete their dream looks.

Intelistyle Team

Who we are

We're a team of technologists, designers, product and marketing folks, passionate about the intersection of fashion and Artificial Intelligence. With experience in some of the world’s most iconic brands we’re committed to make style accessible to all.

The Team

Kostas Koukoravas



13 years experience leading the development of ideas from inception through to delivery and has launched high profile online services including BBC iPlayer Radio, Microsoft Skype on Windows 8 and Surface Hub. Holds an MPhil on unsupervised learning from the University of Manchester.

Michael Michelis



Data engineer and mathematician with extensive experience leveraging technology to solve Big Data problems. Founded one of the largest online communities for mathematics in Greece and published numerous indie apps. Winner of LSE Business week pitch competition.