AI for fashion retail

Use the latest academic research in AI to increase conversion, customer satisfaction and reduce the number of returns by helping customers find the right product for them by curating your product catalogue for each customer.

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What We Offer

Increase customer satisfaction, conversion and AOV.

Personal experience for each customer on your own website

• Complete the look recommendations.
• Homepage and search results tailored to each user's style.
• Learns as users interact with products.
• Products and outfits exactly right for each customer.
• Tailored to skintone, bodytype, eye and hair colour.
• Integrate our API with your existing website.
• Custom and white label options also available for app and web.

In store styling

• Fitting room and kiosk experiences - help your users find the right product while they are shopping.
• Digital in store shopping assistant instantly advises customers which items match what they're wearing.
• Increase AOV with complete the look recommendations in fitting rooms.

Analytics on trends

• Run large scale user testing on your products.
• Identify trends and how your products are performing across different demographics.
• Cluster users and products to identify segments and product lines.
• Pre market concept testing.
• Remarketing campaign data. Target users with the right products for them, that match what they already own.